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What Is The Future Of Beml? Is It Worth Buying Or Not?please Give The Chart Containing Price Target.

There is a thread on this in the Indian Stock Pick Heading. the thread has been posted by Naresh on 6th Oct. Take a look at it

The script has great potential from current levels.One large bull operator has picked a sizable chunk of this script from the open market recently.So in case you are a long term investor go ahead and invest in this script.
i traded beml in the intraday and made rs.1200 within 4 mins after buying. since it was so volatile i took fancy of dealing straight without stoploss. the range was so fast and vide and stoploss will trigger quickly. i lost rs.2300, all happened so quickly. but again by booking profit on every raise i did make up for the loss. next i studied its movement and about the company (BHARAT EARTH MOVERS LTD,
psu, Bangalore) the highest it touched previously was rs.256. i bought for short term at rs.243 after i booked partial profit. but alas it started falling down to rs.215 within a fortnights time. since last 4 days it has started to pick up and has reached rs.235. after nifty correction, i am hoping it will touch rs.256. the company is poised to touch rs.3000 crores turnover as per newspaper reports.

even with a stl, the loss will be heavy as price fluctuates so widely. to avoid tight stl if you put stl at rs.233 having bought at rs.243, say 2000 shares, if the stl gets triggered the loss will be rs.200. but within 15mins.
the price picks up. what an irony!! literally the stl got triggered at 2.20pm and by 2.30 it has stared picking up and by 3.00pm crossed rs.239 and by 3.25 touched rs.242.75.

i dont know what inference or lesson i had learned from this. i am passing on my experience. double check your calcuations in dealing with this.
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