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I am beginner in commodity trading. I dont know the technical facts behind price up and down in energy and base metals. I simply follow the calls given by a company. Is that the right way to do. My net result is not too good, considering the time i sit infront of the terminal. Can any one please guide me to make better profits. I would like to do trade only on energy. (crude and NG). Please help me. I dont want to lose more money now.

Thanks in advance


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Learn technicals, it will help you in finding better opportunities. Then not only energy you can trade anything. At present Crude is attracting bearishness, while NG is already bearish.
Hi Ramesh,

Thanks for your valuable reply.Can you please tell me some source for learning technical details on commodity. if the thread is already present for beginners, please lead me to there. I heard about some software named metastock. I dont know much detail about that. Will that be useful for intra day trading.

Also can you tell some good sources who can tell me the entry and exit points of each commodities with some accuracy.

I have tried a few companies and majority are average.


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Finding your own edge is the best part in trading. Meta stock is a Technical Analysis software, it can be used for both daily and intra day trades. Intra day for a beginner and that too in commodities is dangerous. I find your posts in a lot of threads. If you seriously want to learn TA using Meta Stock, I can help you out.

Please PM me your mail Id, we can set up things on your computer and begin with your learning process.


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Hello Hemanth,
Great to see you after long time. Doing fantastic, how are you? Metals market: GOLD and SILVER trending beautifully, some of the base metals are non trending. Zincs is bullish.

How is your learning and your experience in the markets?


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I m fine.i read ur some posts recently, they are very informative as always.i m learning thru business news papers,websites,forums etc. I have opened a trading a/c @aanandrathi securities.they offered me 0.01% brokerage per leg.this is quite compitative in indore.i m still learning the mood of metals market.due to my grandmother's death some day before i disconnected totally from this world for some days.


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First of all stop trading and start learning. Learn technical analysis, trading strategies and practicals through the following sites:

1- ————to learn the theory.
2- ————–to learn the theory more extensively.
3- ————–to apply your theoretical knowledge and learn practically analyzing the markets online.
4- some advice.

visit ........ - entirely cheating services, please ask your family members to trade on your calls ! ! ! !, instead of doing this kind of cheap fuc.. things, go and beg in "Dalal" street
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