Be Careful by unscrupulous advisors. *The Real Algo"

I came across "The Real Algo" through their tele marketing by a girl called Ritu. They claimed to offer Algo trading service and talked about 100% safety in "algo trading" with a nominal stop loss in 30% cases and heavy profit in 70% cases and assuring me to earn atleast 10% per trading session on your capital. In fact this is possible in Algo trading and so I paid for one month subscription. Immediately, before commencing my service they came with an Annual subscription offer with heavy discount especially for selected person and I was the lucky one.

I refused to accept the offer and preferred to complete one month to see the performance.

It took them three days to set up my account to go running.

1st day, 12 points profit in Banknifty. (My transaction cost Is about 7 points, which they knew very well.
2nd day, about 20 points profit.
3rd day market crashed and they transferred 135 points loss in my account.

Like wise every profit deal was 5 to 20 points and every loss trade was 120 to 200 points.

In all at the end of the month I lost half of my capital over and above their monthly charges. They could never explain the reason and never contacted at the end of the month.

Absolutely not trustworthy. BEWARE OF "THE REAL ALGO" It is totally FALSE Algo.