Waited for some lower price in BN 04Mar 34000PE !
From low of 154 to high of 215.

Quick 50 points in just an hour ! :)

If 34500 to 35000 support hold and consolidation phase visible, then will avoid shorts.

May be 35000 to 40000 bullish formula kick-start again !

Till then , Will wait for opportunity on both side with proper SL !
Only for my Trading:

1) On 24Feb , would avoid LONGs in N and BN and posibly prefer SHORT with proper SL - if chart 30m permits.

2) On 25Feb expiry, would try LONGs in N and BN after 11:30 onward using very cheap CEs without SL.

3) From 26Feb onwards, would prefer LONGs in N and BN.

All depends on Local and Global cues .

View strictly for STUDY PURPOSE !
Was expecting todays Bullish recovery from tomorrow 11:30 afterwards, as mentioned in point 2 in last message. But biggies pre-poned it today only ! Luckily saw a freak gap-up trade in index in 2nd pre-open and adusted my trades accordingly !! :)

Now if no GAP -DOWN or no range-bound trade tomorrow to adjust Expiry Max-Pain or Inside-Bar moves in todays BIG candle, then instead of 25Feb onwards the rally may continue towards N 15500 and BN 35000 to 40000 formula range.

Technical Glitch in Trading Hours is BAD !
It should NOT happen !

View strictly for STUDY PURPOSE !
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The Technical Glitch has underlined the importance of implementing the importance of Extended Working Hours for FnO segment like other Global Stock Exchanges and also the need of GIFTcity exchange in Gujrat ! :)
BN is abv 37000. Max Pain of 25Feb expiry is below 36000.
Either Max Pain is distorted or Writers of BN has to bring it below 36000 today itself !

Waiting patiently for a proper trade entry in 4Mar expiry ! 38000CE in my watch-list !

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