Bank Nifty Signals - 99% Accurate

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Hi Guys

I am new to this Forum. I just want to share my day trading signals generated from the software which i have created.
I have been testing it for a while now and it seems to work perfectly, almost 99% accurate signals.
I have tested it on Bank nifty so far but i guess you can use it on any index or commodity (not tested on any other though). More the volume the better.

The signal will be generated at 9:15am as soon as the market opens. Most of the time the targets are met before 12:30pm.
At times targets are met within an hour. A minimum of 150 and max of 250 points can be got per day.

There are 3 types of signals generated by the software.
One is a buy signal (Bullish)
second is a sell signal (Bearish) and the
third is a cowboy signal (where you can buy as well as sell as per the signal generated).

I will be giving out the signals on this forum on a daily basis starting tomorrow.

Will also be putting up the daily Trading logs as a reference.

Example of signals -

Sell Signal Example -

Sell Signal

Sell at 9850.00
Stop Loss at 9884.53
Take Profit 1 at 9782.99
Take Profit 2 at 9741.54
Take Profit 3 at 9674.53
Take Profit 4 at 9626.83
Take Profit 5 at 9566.07

Buy Signal Example -

Buy Signal

Buy at 10100.00
Stop Loss at 10081.27
Take Profit 1 at 10170.74
Take Profit 2 at 10214.50
Take Profit 3 at 10285.23
Take Profit 4 at 10335.59
Take Profit 5 at 10399.97

Cowboy Signal Example -

Buy First - Use trailing Stop
Use cowboy Buy signal with max 2 targets first using trailing stop loss and then the cowboy sell signal using trailing stops.

Cow Boy Buy at 9800.00
Stop Loss at 9779.27
Take Profit 1 at 9816.40
Take Profit 2 at 9853.53
Take Profit 3 at 9876.50
Take Profit 4 at 9913.63
Take Profit 5 at 9940.06
Take Profit 6 at 9973.73

Cow Boy Sell at 9800.00
Stop loss at 9853.53
Take Profit 1 at 9783.60
Take Profit 2 at -
Take Profit 3 at 9756.30
Take Profit 4 at 9719.17
Take Profit 5 at 9692.74
Take Profit 6 at 9659.07

Note : Notice for cow boy sell, take profit 2 is missing so you take the next profit levels ie. 3,4, 5 and 6.

Hoping to help people generate a decent amount of profits from the market no matter what the Scenario is.

Happy Trading and see you guys tomorrow at 9:15 am.
Signal for 10th September 2013

Buy Signal

Buy Level 10144.00
Stop Loss at 10081.27
Take Profit 1 at 10204.35
Take Profit 2 at 10241.69
Take Profit 3 at 10302.04
Take Profit 4 at 10345.00
Take Profit 5 at 10399.97

Happy Trading!
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Hi Guys

Sorry for being 3 mins late.

But will try and give out the signals within the first min or two next time onwards.

Hoping to lock in more profits for the day.

happy trading
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Well happy singh, nice to hear from you
well generally i dont paper trade... my broker friend does the trading for me...

I am here just to see if I can help people get a decent profit from the market through the signals generated from the software.

I am not here to fleece anyone or misguide anyone.

All signals are free. Use it at your own discretion.

Happy trading
The 10144 level is an indicator level to buy

Those TP's are entry levels and trailing stop levels.... u take any one of them depending on what position you are at in the market.

The market is going to have a movement of 416 pts. which means if it goes 200pts up and then on the way down crosses the entry pt of 10144 it may then go down 216 pts atleast.

Well i dont trade... my broker friend does it for me.
So i m not sure what entry level he must have got.
Sorry if my first statement of "had to put in my trades as well" has caused the misunderstandings.

I dont even ask him for details just collect my profits at the end of the month.

But these are the signals generated by the software.

Well I am not here to fleece anyone or misguide anyone.
These signals are free. Use it at your own discretion.

Yes! suggestions and improvements are welcome.
if you feel there is a mistake or something needs improvement please feel free to say.
even criticism is welcome.

God Bless!
No those are entry levels that you could enter the market at.

i dont trade... my broker friend does the trading for me.

These signals are free
Just giving out the signals from the software as they are generated.
Use it at your own discretion.

will put it out as it is generated.
Suggestions and criticism are welcome.

I am also willing to share the software with a few genuine people so that they can test and help in improving it.

God bless
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