Bank nifty fut 1 minute data for amibroker ?

Guys , I need Bank nifty futures data (intraday) with volume for amibroker. Please provide me data in such a form that I can easily upload it in amibroker quickly.


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Take it from NEST Plus Data Tables
Rather you can take data for any symbol, thats too free of cost.


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Satish Bro RTD Utility is one, I am not sure if ajeet sir has also made a utility for the same.


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Ajeetji , How can I do that ?
Can you please help me with this ?
You have used words like: upload, data with volume...
So I am in impression that you are looking for 1min data
So I am explaining the same here...
If you have NOW/NEST as trading terminal and you need past data for backfill
then simply install Nest Plus and register
If you have zerodha account then you will be auto registered
After installing and registering account with Nest Plus
Right click a symbol>> Nest plus plugin >> Chart >> then again right click on chart
and data table
(Opening the data table once then you can further open data tables, Nest Plus plugin >>> direct data table)
copy that data table to csv file
and then import that csv file to amibroker.
(When importing 1st time in amibroker, use import wizard, under file menu
afterwards Import ascii will serve)
If stuck somewhere then search this forum or google using keywords mentioned by me
you will find tons of material
Last scope>>>> Give me your PC for 15 min over teamviewer

In case you were talking about RTD then that has different approach
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If you dont have any source then ping nse servers to access data like


and sort it, in excel or csv
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Ajeetji , you are really helpful. I appreciate it very much. But I need real time feed of all nse stocks on Amibroker. I have contacted vendors, but they provide feed for Max of 200 stocks. Please let me know if there is any way to get live feed for all stocks on Amibroker?
Thanks ajeetji


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writing from mobile
brother getting real time of all stocks traded in nse is fruitless as at max only 300 are liquid enough to be traded intraday.
note down those 300 liquid scrips
feed them to Zerodha market watch
and connect it amibroker using josh utility.
Personally i have some other utility.
In case of vendors go for
amifeed, it supports nifty 500
so far i don't know any method to get real-time data for all nse scrips

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