Balaji Telefilms and the Saas-Bahu Negativity

My seven years of marriage have been punctuated by soaps like Saas-Bahu, HAAALLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!

The time-slots for these soaps are exactly those when one wants to relax with one's family.

Since my wife loves these soaps, I've had to bear them by default. The only option would have been to leave the room for the meditation chamber, when things got too unbearable......., and I sometimes had to do this.

When Balaji Telefilms announced its results [which weren't very good], feelings of sweet revenge crept up inside of me [which also isn't very good].

Balaji soaps are laced with so much negativity, that it isn't surprising when this negativity hits back at them, compounded.


Hi Uday,
Great write-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope ur wife doesn't catch hold of this site----otherwise u will really have a pathetitic time---I m saying it from my personal experience---my wife's a really smart cookie,---moreover she is a too much a computer literate--a MCSE and CCNA--but she is also very sweet.
Give my regards to bhabhi----
Hi Uday,
When my wife read my writeup(I only showed it) ,she has strongly protested against ur views. .She said:Every body watches shas-bahu---because shas bahu kissa happens in everybody 's house.-----but She is more of Rabindranath stuff,rather than shas bahu----and I have to tolerate Tagore's lectures now and then.Not that I mind to much---caz she is a great chatterbox,but sometimes it also becomes intolerable.
Afterall we all probably have the same problem.
Hi Joy,

My wife's not in the least interested in the markets, so there's no chance of her catching this site!! So although I am safe on that front, I do have a pathetic time if I leave the room during Saas-Bahu :mad:

Secondly, I would like to ((diplomaticaly :D )) point out, that I have not met any family with so much venom as in Saas-Bahu :rolleyes: . Also, there are no servants in those big houses they depict. And then they bring back people from the dead!?!

Hey Great about the Rabindranath angle. I don't get all that from Nidhi, but I'm philosophically oriented.

What's disturbing at times is a constant high-pitch voice around me, with mine being a high bass to a baritone!!

But marriage is a great companionship, I've learnt a lot in it.

Hi to your better half too (Mitali??)

Bye for now, and do e-mail me,



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Well, my wife does not watch but mother does religiously. I really wonder where all these serials get their revenue from. Thanks to the ladies I guess. The only serial i watch is CID and that too because that comes closest to old favorite old fox.

Well as they say, if you can't win them, join them. The silver linning in the dark cloud is some of the lovely ladies like the ones in CNBC.

One thing worth mentioning though. Their annual rewards function where they lampoon some of their own serials is quite enjoyable.
haha..this is becoming quite an enjoyable discussion :) Have you guys ever noticed that people in these saas bahu serials are always standing! My dad pointed this out to me. How many times do "normal" mortals talk with their dear ones, standing and with all the makeup in the world. But the best part is anytime some one wants to become old, they put a streak of white paint on "flick" and lo behold they are 30 years older....then suddenly ekta decides that she needs to "fit in" more generations in between and so the hair coloration of the oldest member is kept as a reference and all others get their share in between!!!! :)))))))) I could go and on.....its hilarious to the power of infinity :))) I read somewhere the difference between faith and fact. "Your mother is your mother is a fact and your father is your father is faith" ekta definately keeps testing this defination :))))) She definatley puts "Santa Barbara" to shame!
Hi Nihar,

the 5-6 generations under one roof would make the oldest babe 100+, but she looks about 70 odd. The 2nd oldest one (the really vicious vamp, the one that looks like a snake) should be about 80, but she looks 50.......

And what business do they do???????

And why do the goodies get fried?????

Hey sh50, the funniest thing about their lampooning functions, which I also have to go through btw, is that they are all touching each others feet even on stage in real life! HA!!!!!

I believe in Pakistan their make up and jewellery has gone big, and a lot of Pak families are absolutely hooked.

Chalo, at least something good has come of the fortune that Ekta has accumulated, .......



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Well Ekta can make the actors young look in reel life but what abt real life.

Vir Sanghvi's article in hindustan times states that leader of Tory Michael howard( something similar) retired after the loss despite in his late sixties and our leaders are young even at eighties- fit enough to be PM. Ratan tata and Kumarmanglam Birla are framing polices for CEOs to retire at 65 and here the CEO of a whole country wants to continue after 85. I tell you, mkt like irrationality is everywhere.

As for the serials, the mkt could be even more hilarious if a serial could be made about its movements.


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All their serials begin with "k". Maybe the K word got kayed-not working anymore. Only somebody said today that companies and individuals with the word "R" do well in the share mkt. Maybe introduced after Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

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