Backtesting saves a huge amount of data

I noticed that in report explorer the old backtest is saved in a special folder, the problem is that if you do not remember to manually delete it resume permanently and the folder may reach sprawled dimensions, it's strange they did not think to this problem. So I happened that on a slow enough computer I could no longer open the same amibroker, so now every now I have to remember to clean the backtest history; Does anyone know if there is a function to do it automatically? thank you
You can use task scheduler to delete the history at a particular interval( say 1 month)


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task scheduler is in system and not in amibroker
Wrong again. AmiBroker does have a scheduler.

But instead of deleting folders that way just open report explorer within AmiBroker and mark the reports you don't need and click delete button.

Or if you don't need full reports after analysis at all then add line
SetOption( "GenerateReport", 0);
or for just showing a summary
SetOption( "GenerateReport", 2);
thanks, trash, i will use "setOption" command,I just have to do that :( I tried using the command line but if I can not see anything is not useful, so the problem persists on old versions, for new versions you have to set a limit beyond which amibroker automatically erases the backtest file
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I tried using the command line but if I can not see anything is not useful, so the problem persists on old versions
Nonsense. There is no problem with any version. There is just one problem of incompetence on your end.
Read loudly and clearly to yourself what is written here when you look for "Generate report" field:
If you are able to read then in addition try to understand what has been written.

Now next thing is... if having multiple reports and there is no need for (some of) them anymore. What to do? As I said you mark them and delete them within AmiBroker itself! Nothing simpler than that. Two marking options: Left mouse button+CTRL key OR left mouse button+SHIFT key to mark reports. And "Delete" button in Report explorer tool bar is just big enough for two fit eyes.

Accessing Report explorer within AmiBroker analysis tool bar

LMB+CTRL and Delete


LMB+SHIFT and Delete
as usual your brass teak you, it's just yours, and as usual you did not understand a xxx , but if i do already what you wrote to me, i told you maybe amibroker could do it AUTOMATICALLY, head, you understand what does it means AUTOMATICALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Automatically doing what? So that you can complain afterwards.."Oh AmiBroker has deleted all my reports. All my invested time has been wasted. AmiBroker owes me."
In first post you didn't even know about how to delete reports. So how would you know and remember when auto delete would do its job. A crying out loud coming from the future can be heard from miles away already.

As aside such idiotic feature is possibly asked for by below 1 per mille of entire userbase.
you are stubborn , do not you know that 99.99% of people do not even know how to delete old backtests, for the love of the sky: set a limit otherwise the amibroker folder reaches disproportionate dimensions

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