backtesting help...

i have a following strategy for which i need help from seniors like happy singhji...

objective is to earn 20 points in nifty daily.
buy when 3 and 15 ema crosses each other.. sell at the target of 20 points or on reverse cross.
now its a intrday theory.. and its on 15 mins charts. so buy will not happen before first candle which closes at 9 30 and last close at 3 30 .. means if position should close at 3 30 on closing price if 20 points target or stoploss is not done.

now i want to know that what is the succes ratio of this ?? i have data since 2007.. and i want to know its success ratio.. can some one code this ?

i also thought of putting 20 points stoploss but i think that would not be a good strategy... so stoploss is only on reversal or on market close.

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