backtesting afl needed..

dear seniors,
i am looking for a special backtesting AFL as below.
i want to back test NIFTY but without stoploss to know how much margin and money is required at a time .

i m putting rules for example only actual can be anything.

1. buy at 5 and 20 ema cross over.
2. now if it goes below .. next lot buy will be at the next 5 and 20 ema cross over only.
3. sell will be at 5 and 20 negative cross over only. but it should make sure that the the cross over is happening above the last cross over to make sure that the trade is in profit.

there will not be any short. only buy .
please help me with the same as i would love to know the result of say last 8 years. the best thing about this is there is no loss if enough money is applied.


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