One more step

before clicking backfill, click start (then may click stop if only backfilling and not for realtime quotes)
I hope you have done with the addition of necessary columns as required


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Do I have to delete the earler RTD folders before initiating on this thread. I'm a bit shaky whether it will hinder the thread provided by you.
I'm feeling so thankful to you even before starting with the thread provided. May God bless you.
Visit Josh1 thread, download RTD 1.6, along with RTD 1.6 step by step installation videos are provided, once done properly it will work smoothly, incase of any difficulty post your queries in that thread, issues will be resolved.
It looks like RTD v 1.4 lately has some problem in working. Though previously it was working fine but not now.
Today faced multiple problems (errors) and in last used v 1.5
Even after doing all that is being suggested, I find that things are not going well and I'm getting configuration error and many other errors which I can,t even recall.
To my mind, I should erase all the related files & folders e.g. Amibroker, Omnisys and RTD and install all of them afresh.
Would you please suggest if it is advisable to do that; and if in affirmative, please let me know the procedure to install all the required softwares once again after formatting my C: drive.
hope you watched video posted by Joshi bro and havnt missed any step in configuration.
also hope that you followed some steps suggested by us those are practical solutions to some problems)
also hope that you visited related thread

no harm in reinstalling all 3, Amibroker, NestTrader and RTD,
start with reinstalling RTD first, check.
if not working then RTD and NestTrader and check

but do it at your own risk, and not because we said so.

No need to format C drive. Hope you have installed these 3 in C drive and not in ProgramFiles. If in C drive, then you simply delete folder and also clear Recycle bin. If in ProgramFiles, then DO NOT delete folder, you have to use control panel, to uninstall it.
Now that I have recovered and I'm well enough to carry out my normal working, I would request somebody to please help me out rejuvenate my messed up Nest Trader platform using Amibroker / RTD software's due to too much of trial n errors with the software and which could never run properly right since I had procured it thru a telegram ad from a person not known to me and after taking the payment, installed Amibroker and RTD codes but not providing support to make use of it.
The thread provided to me by a helping hand on even did not work more so because I'm not conversant with the settings involved for it's proper functioning.
I being a novice, am too much confused and would request to please help me out so that the application software runs smoothly for trading in OPTIONS & INDEX segments preferably. Allow me to honestly admit that I'm unable to do it on my own and badly need some support.
If at all it requires re-installation of all the required software's involved, I would not hesitate in sharing my system on ANYDESK or TEAMVIEWER or else a step by step instructions would be preferable.
The settings as of now have gone hay-wire and I need someone with expertise to put it back on the rails.
Expecting a positive revert ASAP.
Line 13679 (File: "C:\RTD_1.40\RTD_1.40.EXE"):
Error: Variable must be of type "Object".

Scrip select all and save in ini file and run rtd it will work

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