B O B Ipo

harmads said:
Hi all

I would appreciate some expert comments on the Bank Of Baroda IPO .


Well these are not any kind of expert comments :

But as u mite have bbeen observed in order to take advantage of Current mkt boom many player are coming oout with IPO. Thats really GOOD actually

& If youa re a long term player then u can go for it. But remember the Band is 210 to 250 <i think> so YES you can go for it. Its been only 2 months am reading mkt. so take some ones advice as well..

Basicaally i think all these SERVICE industries are in for long term only..
Thanks for your input "kewlbuddy".. you are right about longterm.

I realise now that IPOs these days don't make much difference becoz companies are taking advantage of the bull run. BOB IPO has fixed a band of 210 - 230 where as the mkt price itself is 240. So where does a small invester gain. More so these public sector banks pay very little dividends..
I have decided against going for any public sector bank. I think private banks are doing much better and they reward their investors better. What do you think of YES bank ??
Well dont know abt YES Bank never heard of it till yesterday.. Well it sclosely ralated to that DMAT a/c scam so better watch out for its share price... Well You c PSBank's are not that much BAD but yaah as u said they pay little dividends..

So its ur call wheather go for it not... I can suggets GO FOR IT..
Given that BOB current market price is around the IPO offer price, I would say no to the IPO. It doesn't make sense to block your money in this issue.


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