Awesome calls !


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I believe that anyone who does not himself Trade the Calls he suggests can give the BEST results ! He has no fear of failure, no fear of loss and when posting in this section has no fear of criticism....... :D
So here I am ! To safeguard your Capital, do not read any further, and if you dare to, do not act on what you read !
These posts are just for my own personal use, anyone using the info herein shall do so at his own risk and peril !
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Adani Power F gave a Buy today above 33.55 and went upto 34! There is some juice left...long above > 34:10

Short Coal India below 300

Long Dena Bank above 49.10 and hold it for positional if closes above 49.65

Bank Nifty is bullish

Nifty has turned to Long from Short of 1st Oct.

HDFC and HDFC Bank both are bullish now !

Buy IOC above : 212.15 SL 201 and Tgt ~222 !

JPAssoc. > Long above > 39.35

Above 860 Reliance looks to move up Big !

Tata Steel looks all set to move up on breach of todays high!


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Friends, I am serious! One can be harmed if he trades my calls, so please dont PM me for any clarification about Targets etc.
2 of you have asked me to Post my BNF and NF calls ! Shall try to post them in RT as my positional Trades are based on Intraday levels.
AND finally, please do not try to "pit" me to compete Raj Bhai ! I am no match to his knowledge and expirience! Let my calls be my calls ! :D


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Okay so here are my BNF levels :
I do not trade BNF. These levels are based on the system by which I trade NF.

Has gone Long above 9962 on 1st Oct. The SL at entry was 9749 , i.e. 200+ points. Has already done a high of 10338 ! (A move of 350+ points)
Trailing SL at close on 3rd Oct was 10119 ! The SL level changes at opening of next day after waiting for first 15 minutes !

I do not have any predefined target ! :p
I suggest to exit 50% at 200 points and carry the balance till reversal !

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