Automated /algo trading for retail traders

Yes, I have been using their automated trading system for quite some time now. The specialize in index trading, currency trading (all 4 INR pairs) and MCX. One of the very few systems available which is legally approved from NSE and MCX.

The auto trader is run from their dedicated server and hence, we as client don't have to be glued to system all the time. We have to manage our scrips and quantities from a private login area in their website.

Limitation is that it works only on NEST trading platform and they have tied up with broker Master Trust as preferred broker partner.

Worth giving a try even if you have to shift your broker from the existing one,



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If you're looking for fully automated, Symphony presto is the right one for you. Their costs are high but if you are a large investor trading huge volumes, the cost should not matter. However, if its the other way around, go for Amibroker
Yes. There cost is quite high. I think 7,500 pm now although i joined with them at 15,000 pm. But when it comes to custom features and automated execution they do not have a competition.

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