Auto trading-mastertrust & valnet join together for amibroker users

Hi friends
I heard mastertrust got rid of expensive Omnesys and took valnet as partner
to help reduce expenses for Amibroker users.
you can use valnet systems for autotrading or use your own system to be coded for autotrading using reasonable payment to valnet.

We have seen CDEQ using omnesys nesttrader thing and cdeq customers are now trading less on cdeq and trading elsewhere to be comfortable.
OMNESYS is expensive and no good performing stuff on it-all they need is pay them more and no extra advantage.

NSESTTRADER is so backward you can t open even 2 charts simultaneously.

anyways,if anyone started with mastertrust -valnet thing please share your opinion-experience here.

I heard it brings bigger drawdowns.If your code is not good in money management,you are finished.

you need a master degree by experience not by simple observation-in money management to become a good trader.

For a small example a friend told me,suppose he set target at 2% and stoploss for rupees 400,the market moved such away it neither reached target not hit stoploss or in separate case it reached 1.9% of target then
hit stoploss-this happened more often.result--the guy had no order executed or only loss and by 3pm he had to cancel orders or system cancels it.

you must know how far your trade can move before setting right tgt and stoploss on your trading timeframe.your trading method strategy must be capable of giving net profit not net loss over longer term