auto slntp for vertex

We have converted a Expert Advisor for VertexFX called Auto SLnTP. Auto stop loss and take profit is a server side script that when started on server applies a stop loss and take profit on pending orders. This is useful to apply stoploass and take profit to stoploss buy and stoploss sell orders. The stoploss can be defined in pips or with the ATR. When many orders are present in the terminal, applying a stop loss and take profit to each order is time consuming task. This tool is used in such situations.

The stop loss and take profit is defined in the parameters. The available options are:

Stop Loss Method - This decides pips based stop loss or ATR based stop loss. When the parameter is set to 1, it applies pip stoploss and when 2, it applies ATR stop loss.

Fixed SL - stop loss in pips.
StopLoss ATR - ATR multiplication factor for stop loss.

Take Profit Method - Parameter value 1 implies fixed stop loss and 2 implies ATR stop loss
Fixed TP - Take profit in PIps
TakeProfit ATR - Take profit ATR multiplication factor

ATR Timefram - Time frame to calculate ATR
The EA triggers an alert when the order modification is done. This alert can be turned on/off with the parameter Alert on.


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