Auto Exploration Program needed

I need a automated fully produced exploration program. Soes anyone know a company that can produce this for me.


Description: I need a spreadsheet application that I can download prices from Yahoo Finance into a spreadsheet and additional columns will auto calculate true/false conditions to prices. There would be at least 30 separate conditions to analyze from the data. Example of column conditions -
Compute 50 day moving average
Is price above or below 50 day moving average
Is 5 day moving average above or below 9 day moving average
Was yesterday close higher or lower than previous day
Is the 6 period moving average above or below 80 period moving average
Is Low less than lowest low in last 26 days
RSI indicators see
An alternative is to use the Price Oscillator, which shows the percentage difference between two moving averages:
(12 day EMA - 26 day EMA) / (26 day EMA)
(20 - 18) / 18 = .11 or +11%
And many more than are programmable into excel formulas

Once 1 spreadsheet is created, it would used to download and create that information on about 40 ETF's from the Yahoo web site like above on the SPY Historical Prices.

An additional consideration would be easy to integrate into a website and update daily.

One example that may help is

I can certainly produce an exploration in my Metastock. I have attached one I use that gives me information on if there is a new signal, current signal, and days in the trade. I attached a start to an Excel spreadsheet with a possible layout for the systems and symbols.

This information for 1 system and unlimited assets is easy. I need it automated so that the finished product when a button is pushed it,

1. Goes out to Yahoo finance or other free delayed quote service
2. Uploads the data it needs to run the 30 systems against the symbol list
3. Produces no change, Sell long, and enter short, sell shorts, enter long
4. Ideally states current position
5. Downloads the signals into an Excel spreadsheet
6. It is in a format to do a copy and paste to a web page
7. Each night the current web page will go to an archive section
8. The new web page will be a copy and paste into a web page

There are several exploration tools for web developers. They are written in various languages. I know that Metastock Developer Kit will not do it.

I dont care what independent tools you use as long as it is automated and produces a final result for easy web page posting.

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