Augubhai - Systematic Trader :)


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Starting a new diary. Hopefully, i will be doing rule based trading in this phase.
No hoping bro, you have to do it this time..its due for a long time now..
Just quoting mark douglus -"Look you cannot control markets , the markets dosnt control you ,in this situation the only thing you can do is control yourself and your market actions ".


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Dear augubhai

As you have started this thread for " RULE BASED TRADING".It will be better if u post the reason of ur trade also.
He posts the reasons and rules ONLY after he has discarded the system and moved onto another.

Best of luck augubhai... may the Gods of discipline be with you.

Also, keep a cut off % per day beyond which you stop trading for the day.


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1. Long NF at 5811

This trade is an ORB trade that i took a little late. I have my SL in place. If not hit, i will close position EOD.

Will not be able to trade the options system. Got some work and will be off terminal most of the day.
This was squared off at 5838.50. Logged into the terminal with just 30 seconds remaining, and was not sure if it squared off. Got confirmation now.

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