Audit-Taxation Cost Burden.

I am a small time trader , done a few trades last year. But have to get the audit done and returns filed as per new tax laws . when i approached a CA he says his fees is 15000 , also asking me to get digital signature as he says now its only e-filing for audit cases .

As if the headaches in figuring out the markets is not enough, this has brought new pain to traders .

Fellow traders pls put down your expiernce how you guys handled this audit /tax done? How much it cost you ? Also how did you get the digital signature ?

Puting down your expierence will help me and also other traders to get thru this efficiently .


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Kick this guy! Its a fairly simple and a good CA complete all the formalities for you. My CA takes 13k and does a thorough job. This glorified bean counter is telling very high rate and looks lazy type.

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