Assistance required


I find this place a best possible place for would be analysts and learners in this area stationed in India. I am using Medved Quote Tracker for realtime graphs (with valuable advice from a_n_i_l & other members) but I have a slight hitch, i.e I am getting a delayed datas as my charts are refreshing after approx. every 3min. even if I have put a much lower refreshing rate.
And realtime graphs are sometimes simply impossible to get. I am a sub-broker and I also run NEATXS on the same machine. I also don't understand the timing parameters.
I would be grateful if someone could help me.
Hi, Please try changing the data source to Walletwatch IndiaRealtime(Free) and see. I think it should refresh every 10 sec which is the minimum but you can refresh manually any time.

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