Are you Afraid Of Trading, This Is How To Overcome Fears of Placing Trades

When you are inundated by a vast amount of market data from news sources and numerous different chart time frames, you are naturally going to self-impose a certain amount of indecision and doubt into your trading. Also, when you do not have a trading strategy mastered like price action trading on the daily charts, you are naturally going to be more confused and thus less confident than you otherwise would be. In essence, you want to limit the number of variables you use to make your trading decisions in the market, because there are essentially an unlimited amount of variables that traders can confuse themselves with. Not focusing on the daily charts as your primary technical analysis time frame usually leads to confusion, indecision, and ultimately fear.
Patience is very important in Forex trading and discipline as well, waiting for the best signals on the daily charts influences you to develop these positive trading habits. When you become a patient and disciplined Forex trader, you will naturally foster a confident trading mindset and this will work to eliminate the fear of trading that you may have experienced recently. The key to waiting for the best signals is of course knowing exactly what signals you are looking for.

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The best way to defeat the panic of the unknown is to understand what trading is all about. You can expand your knowledge by reading good trading volumes and taking up trading courses.


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Mark Douglas in his book "Trading in the Zone" noted four main fears: to be mistaken, to lose money, to miss a profitable trade, to lose accumulated profit in a trade. Because of the greatest fear, traders suffer catastrophic losses, be it a pair of large trades or a long chain of small losses.
It is extremely important to understand them, to understand yourself, to objectively assess the performance, otherwise you will lose all your money in a matter of months. And then these people will say that the reason is in the very sphere of trading.
Now there is a huge amount of information, webinars, various training programs, demo accounts, where you do not risk losing personal money, and also gain knowledge and experience.

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