Are We Wasting Our Knowledge

Hai friends I some time feels (mosly when i loose some in day trading ) are we wasting our knowledge and resources in becoming a crorepati over night(sorry over year). Watching brillient people with extraordinary skills in prediting the market and supporting their views and thoeris, many times better than the national political parties spoke persons, using each and every minute to find a free book or software in the web.

traderji if we can put this effort in some other fields many of the seniour members in this forum could certainly reach the top of the pyramid.

but still many of us would continue in this waiting for a good year


Hi ,

1st of all i completely disagree with your statment that profitable /sucessful trading needs extraordinary skill sets and profitable trading neither involves predicting markets beforehand there is really no tool in exact sense that can predict tomorrow's out come beforehand

Sucessful trading really involves using good system ( either TA or FA or mixed ) based with good money managment and discpline to follow it consistenly . Good Luck Good Trading

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