App for forex trading

I would not recommend trading on your Android phone or tablet. Trading Apps functionality on the platform is limited compared to desktop versions of things like MT4.
I prefer to deal in manually in the Forex Market, rather than to depend on the bots. Though they might be helpful sometimes, but they are not advisable to use it every time.
There are many app that can be helpful for our trading knowledge but the fact is that how we are going to use so many apps for our trading work.
Why do you want to use such apps anyway ? It's all really about the forex broker main app and that is really nothing more than that. Why install something else ? Just ask your broker and be good about everything. I would even be cautious in that case to do so.


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You can find a lot of good apps on the Google Playstore and istore for starting trading on your smartphone. Internet has made it easier for all of us to trade as now, we can trade anytime from anywhere in this world. It is a huge plus for us as compared to the traders few decades back.
I think that you might ask your broker if he is proving application for trading from your mobile phone. As per my experience, deal execution is quite easy, however, making any sort of analysis is quite difficult. Laptop or PC are much better option for this purpose
None should relay on any Forex app for learning or trading. In my opinion, computer system is best for trading because that way you get a big screen to analysis and understand.

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