Any good free/paid screen recording software?

I am looking for a screen recording software that would create video of my screen activity. Anybody using such software please suggest ones that work well. I heard free software comes with some malware. If someone is using free one which comes without any risk please let me know. And if there are some good paid ones in just a few thousand rupees it would be great.

Thank you.
Tried it, but sounds not clear. But at least better that Camtasia which didnt record sound at all.
You mean actually recording software and not some screenshot making ,correct ? I assume it should be something like for example that snipe tool from google for screens and camtasia for videos but you always have the google for everything else out there anyway.
I think if you will simply will use google than all will be fine totally and entirely simply anyway. I do hope we really can make something happen with that matter. Something already built in google for many possible reasons here.

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