Any experiences with justtrade

I was planning to change my present broker CD Equisearch due to horrible services.

After going through the number of brokers I had shortlisted zerodha/Trade smart online and Justtrade(Bajaj Capital) as I generally take not more than 4-5 trades in a day and some days none at all. All the trades I take are with fixed lot size and all are put at one go, as pyramiding has not worked for me in day trading. I will also be mostly only trading Nifty and USDINR for intraday. Therefore RKSV was out from the list as I found their charges on higher side for my kind of volume.

Both TSO and Justtrade would cost me Rs 15/trade and Zerodha Rs 20.
As Bajaj Capital is a long standing name in the financial industry I thought to open an account with them, but after my horrifying experience with CD Equisearch I just wanted to make sure if my choice is correct.

Would be grateful if people who have had accounts in Justtrade can throw some light on them.

Else final option would be to try out TSO or Zerodha. They seem to be good for now atleast in solving customer queries as seen from their respective threads.
Horrible service??
Ohh really sorry to hear that....:cool:

I recommend you to join lite forex broker, they will serve you as your servant..
I've join there since 2008, nothing problem so far...

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