Any Advantages in Online Trading

Hello all, Sorry if this not he proper forum for this query.
I wish to know what advantages there are in Online Trading. I am told that there are different forms of online trading. For example, Motilal Oswal has Software type and Web Based. What is time lapse between Online Display and Trading at the Traders office?
I am new to Trading and I want to do Online Trading as I cannot go the Traders office everyday and sit there. I don't know whether this is the right attitude. Many traders do not give proper advice. Are ther any websites that give reliable recommendations that you people use and to which I can subscribe.
A lot of questions for a first post. Sorry but please advice.
Thanks to all
Bhanu Gopal
Some of the advantages of managing your fund portfolio through an online broker:

Control. If you're knowledgeable about investments and are comfortable making and living with your own decisions, control over your portfolio should be an advantage. It's your portfolio and it's your job to make it grow. You're the one who researches funds and initiates buy and sell transactions. You're responsible for regular re-balancing. And, depending on your online broker's level of service, free advice, portfolio management applications and fund filtering tools may be available to help you keep your portfolio focused and growing.

Accessibility. You can take stock of your investments, review trading activity and initiate trades 24-hours-a-day, not just during daylight hours. The benefits of 24-hour accessibility are apparent if your day job limits you from keeping on top of the markets and keeping in touch with an investment advisor.

An obvious advantage of online trading is that your transactions would be virtually paperless. Your trading account would be linked to your demat and bank accounts, ensuring a smooth transaction process. This is especially helpful in the extant T+2 settlement system, where you have just two days to settle your transaction.

Convenience is probably the greatest advantage online trading offers an investor. If you do not have time to trade during market hours, when perhaps you are at work, you can log on to the web-trading site and place your orders offline, during off-market hours.

For Non-Resident Indians (NRI), trading online is perhaps their easiest option to invest in the Indian stock markets.

What is more, the time difference, in some cases, can work to their advantage. Antony, an NRI-based in New York, places his orders in the evenings after work, when it is day time in India and the markets are open.

You also have access to considerable information online. Log onto ICICIDirect, for instance, and you get the latest news, market information and company research. Do not, however, go by tips that you read online and off message boards. Invest in a company only if you have a fair understanding of its business and are convinced of its growth prospects.

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