Another Bhavcopy Downloader (ABCD)

ethan hunt

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20MICRONS, 20220110, 78.45, 89.4, 77.85, 89.4, 4416892, 1232270,

20MICRONS, 20220110,4416892,- Total Traded Quantity
20MICRONS, 20220110, 1232270, - Total Delivery Quantity

What about 220238796 in Nifty Spot below:

Nifty 50, 20220111, 17997.75, 18081.25, 17964.4, 18055.75, 220238796,



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is this software or utility still available ? is it still working ? can any body please provide link for it?

It is there in my signature
Just ran ABCD after a long time today for grabbing last week data, all modules worked flawlessly, including AMFI grab ;)


Proof from attached verbose log.

Tip: Ref the attached log & fix the rebol code accordingly with valid URL to make it work as above.


Today , I worked on the rebol script file & fixed all the new URLs for NSE data grab by ABCD.

Interested parties can grab the full copy of ABCD here:

Note: I have used curl 64bit from the same ABCD root directory & kept a curl32.exe as backup, which needs to be renamed as curl.exe , when this utility is run on a 32bit Windows 10/11.

Tested working flawlessly on Win 11 x64.

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