Another Bhavcopy Downloader (ABCD)


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josh1, can you please add Corporate Bonds bhavcopy processing in the tool as well? << example CSV path

As volatility in Bonds are much less, trading them is good using your existing trade setup. Need to see how the positional trades on bonds behave from the data collected from ABCD.

Please add this as an additional ticker to the tool. It will help a lot of investors who likes to play safe less volatile market instrument.
Bonds and NSE Commodities, shall be added when I have free time


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Josh , I am getting Corp Bond eod data and NSE commodities can be done easily. No Problem. But my question was about trading corporate bonds? Any Info?



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another downloader stockd by virresh of this group also not working from 23rd . only getbhavcopy seems working. may be new nse site did some change. getbhavopy using old nse site still now so working

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