Another Bhavcopy Downloader (ABCD)


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Thanks njana.
Didn't read that on chart.
I am unable to download from mega website constantly getting 'Temporay error' can you please look into it.
Mega link discontinued long back. Download from Google Drive link in my signature
Dear Josh, for your information..
Mega links still working in India it's prevented by ISP provider. but we can get link by using vpn mode..(chrome add-on-hide my ip)

please add MCX Bhavcopy so that ABCD fulfill EOD requirements.

Happy Trading...


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Dear Josh
I downloaded the ABCD from the google drive mentioned in your signature. I downloaded all the files and kept as stated in the "readme" document. I would like to know what to do with ABCDSetup.exe? there is no mentioning about this file in the readme document.
And I copied the ABCDcurl shortcut to desktop and when i ran, it shows this error.

I have downloaded ABCD in to D:\software\ABCD because in the readme document it is mentioned that it could be c: or D or E

Could you please help me on these 2 queries? thanks
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I am getting this error.
my computer and win8.1 both are 64 bit. so i downloaded 64 bit curl.exe and placed them to the location mentioned in the readme doc. i got this error. i tried it with 32 bit curl.exe but still getting the same error


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Not a coder so trying to glue together code from SO. And one thing I notice is that bhavcopy data sometimes has missing symbols then the calculation goes for a toss.
Just in case someone goes down my route - Bhavcopy gets you all the data but also gets you quite a lot of gotchas. There is missing data for somedays. And when the tickers change the data ends and starts in the new ticker so you need to know when the ticker changed happened and what is the old vs new ticker. I am getting data from a provider now.

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