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I am take sub broker 2 years from angel brooking...(NNPR)..only all response till when you take supbroker...after that no one responsibility...i try last 3 months contact area head Mr.VENKAT no picked phone .so many calls and mails ...i am also started my sup broker since 2005...lot of corporate companies under working..but i never ever experience like this...our area Branch managers frequently changed..still i gold category..(mean monthly above one lakh business) i looking good servicing broker..
Great to see finally a traditional broker has now joined this forum. This is appreciated!
But what are your plans to take on these discount brokerages? since it's a discount brokerage era.
Angel has started flat brokerage @ 15 and 30 per trade . delivery trades bigger than 50000 is 30 rs flat and less than 50000 is 15 rs flat .
all other segments like derivatives commodity is 30 rs flat and its very very good plan as compared to discount brokers as angel gives best advisory+ best leverage even for delivery+best margin for intraday and option buying selling and overall angel is a full broker with all services.
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1. Is it still compulsory to give POA or we can just use CDSl tpin?
2. Do you provide collateral margin against shares I have in demat account- if yes do you charge any interest on that?
3. If a sold put option is assigned - and I have to take delivery - are there any additional charges for that?
4. Do you provide an api bridge so I can use a tradingview platform?
5. I have trading+demat with 2 brokers which I opened online - do I still need to go through all documents and IPV? I am KRA verified.
6. Do you provide services of CDSL easiest?

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