An option noobs trading journal

Hi ,
as the name suggests i am a noob who doesnt even knw any trading terminologies. i have made my shares of mistakes and will make more,after all v are just humans:D
i am starting this thread so the others who are new to trading can learn from my mistakes
i started equity trading with 8k and now i am at 5.5

the first mistake i made in trading:looked for profits at .05-.10 rs level on stocks whose price was 200+.i din even stop to think about the brokrages and various taxes
always add ur brkrg and servic tax to ur buy and subtract the same +other taxes at ur sell only then u will get ur actual buy and sell rates

now i am in options ,started today,the bpl shows 600 smthin,i have to w8 till evenin to get EOD only then i will knw the actual p/l

actual p=180
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