An experienced newbie

Hello Everyone,

As title says I am kind of many lakhs or lakhs of desi's who are interested in stock market investments and who have struggled (assuming there are many like me ) with investing in markets and trying to make sense of when actually to buy and when to sell.

I have been investing in equities and mutual funds since 2008 but not with fruitful results. I still feel that I am yet to understand when to get out or sell and when actually to buy. Not able to make our where the market is headed and reasons for the same.

My investments were basically based on :
1) Historical High and Lows of a particular stock in last quarter/half year/year.
2) Based on this price movement used to see if any experts advised on this stock on popular business channels or any news flow.
3) Then follow some of the experts on message boards on trading portals.
4) Last but not the least my gut feeling.

As you see not much of study of charts or balance sheets or technical analysis involved in my strategy. That is the reason I titled my intro post as "experienced newbie".

Hope to get maximum use of this forum to eliminate many of my weakness also get to learn the fundamentals and some advanced strategies of market investments and also get my hands dirty in day trading. Finally contribute back to the forum what ever possible from my side.


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