An appeal

How are you saying zero loss when you still want to explore more.:)

Anyway what kind of collaboration you need, you can share those details here if not setup.

I am not selling anything that means the product is out of tune. I traded in the last 8 sessions till now all in positive.

" You can keep adjusting and some day something unexpected can happen ( crude negative ! ). Maybe unlimited capital will allow unlimited adjustments. "

I am dead scared of it. And that is why trying to find a good frnd before the "LOSS" finds me


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How many trials would make you think otherwise can be true?
Maybe trade for a couple of years with 2000-5000+ trades although even 100-200 should give decent idea early on ( maybe more for adjustment type systems as loss will be less frequent). You can ofc keep you stop loss at 0/inf and not call a loss a loss but that does not help in terms of money made.

Anyway, from my point of view its illogical to expect any pattern to have 100 % predictability. Markets are noisy and are also processing info as it comes. We have real buyers and sellers and we do not control anyone's action. Only arbitrage or hft type of edges might have close to 100% win rate ( but does not mean its holy grail and they make unlimited money).

Anyway, good luck ..

I am dead scared of it. And that is why trying to find a good frnd before the "LOSS" finds me
You have to be able to define approximate max drawdown of your system based on past and give a decent buffer ( say double it ) as your estimated future max dd. Then accordingly you can size your risk per trade / per day / max risk and also define your target max dd ( say 10-15% ). Accordingly we can see that good capital is required to make money, other wise you are probably taking too much risk.

Then no reason to be scared. In future anything can happen and systems can stop working but your dd limit can give you a guideline on whether to stop the system before its too much.

But someone expecting 100% win rate cannot define any of this and will keep adjusting. That will work until it does not. So better, even with adjustements, to define your max risk per trade / per system and accept that loss will occur rather than staying in denial.

Risk is part of opportunity/reward.
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Hello. I am working in a trade setup that is guaranteed with "zero loss". I am in the exploration phase now. Anyone professional/naive( like me !) would be interested in joining the venture. Need to understand whats the steps ahead.
it can be done, but it depends on capital deployment etc, which will greatly reduce the returns, might even risk blowing away capital, the truth accepted by me is there is no system that will gurantee 0 loss, even if you use some betting techniques, you are bound to reduce reward on capital, in long term it will turn out to be less effective.

Some tips you might find useful

1. Combining multiple systems will lead to more capital deployment.
2. Trading multiple systems on same scrip or different scrips? Imagine entering order's manually and covering up ( or Include cost of algo)
3. multiple systems running together might not even gurantee a big wil in 1 that will cover up losses in 2
4. 0 Loss in what time frame? will you calculate this monthly? Quaterly, Yearly any less, you are not being practical, If you are working bigger time frame then what will be the return with multiple systems? WIll it be better then 1 positive system with losses? Will it be better then 2 system with losses?
5. Are u discussing scalping?
6. consider situation where all 3 trade triggered and markets come in narrow range? then what?
7. You might want to open up a little more like some senior members have said, I was like u, I might still be

PS: After so many years, I still end up buying puts when I have to cover :D Old habbit is like a rabit ( pay attention to habit and rabbit ) :)
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