Amibroker watchlist of Nse Eod trending , liquid and stocks work in patterns.

its hard to find stock for next day to trade or a stock which moves very smoothly , amibroker database contains all trending , non trending , liquid , non liquid , trading and non trading stocks , so i created a watch list saprated and containing trending , liquid and stocks make and work in patterns .

Hope it helps .

1. copy watchlist to desktop
2. open amibroker nse eod watchlist .
3. select another watchlist i.e 0,1,2,3,4 and so on and right click on it .
4. import watchlist from desktop .

Hi Hariomjee

thanks for the good work and sharing the list.
I am really curious about what factors we can take to consideration in making this list.
If you dont mind please share your basis.
good movement trend,range,,liquidity(volumes)

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