Amibroker - Data box AFL required.


Could someone please help me with an AFL which displays - OHLC and Volume in a data box in top left hand corner instead in a line at the top of a chart when any candle is selected. I am searching internet for few days and was not able to find one or may be I am not searching it in a proper way.

Amibroker shows values as data tool tip but I need it in fixed box at the top left corner. Is it possible?

Thank you in advance.

use this formula to get ur requirement simply...

GfxTextOut("O ="+O,650,20);
GfxTextOut("HIGH ="+H,650,40);
GfxTextOut("LOW ="+L,650,60);
GfxTextOut("close ="+c,650,80);

650,20... is adjustment to the chart place..

Happy trading..:thumb:

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