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do we really need tick data for ami? can we save the huge volume tick data of the scrips we track? or we go on periodically pruning the database to keep it small.

GDFL has stated the difficulties of the saving/accessing the tick data- so they provide data in 1 sec but saved in 1 min tf. also they stated that international reputed data vendors are going for hig resolution data ( data in larger tf saving)
[u cud find the volume of 1 sec data that to be saved for 6 months or 1min data to be saved which is just 1/20 of the second database. they have given the calculation ]

so what we are going to do - take the tick data and generates the chart and save the database as tick data is necessary for some studies (CRB and CVB).
or we go for the higher tf data.

what the forum thinks about this dilemma of ami database and tick/1 min tf data?

waiting for ur esteemd reply

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I get data from IBC. Really speaking, i don't need that 1 min or tick data.

Every weekend, i prune it to 5 mins tick.

After every 6 mths, i prune it to 30 mins. This 30 mins data suits my need. And my DB size also is at minimum.

I am not sure, if this is elegant way of doing things. But it meets my needs.

Cheers :D

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