Ami Bangali

I am from kolkata bengali....I am working hard to become profitable
That's the spirit.
The best word to describe the market is fugazi. No matter how long a trader is active in the market you cannot escape hard work. Market is always evolving. As a trader we need to evolve. Becoming profitable is not the challenge. Its when a system that worked so well is suddenly giving huge drawdowns and mentally it is a challenge to stick to your plan. Its like the promise of acche din. Most of us break at that point. No matter how seasoned a trader is.
Thats the life of a trader. Its a wonderful journey. You meet the person in the mirror who is struggling with his 2 advisor, greed and fear. The 4 of you have a party.
Hi, welcome to the forum! Hope you have a pleasant journey coming forth. Do share if you come across any problems. Everyone here is eager to help.
Hi there. Welcome aboard. Feel free to share your experience as we can always learn something new from others. Full time trading must be quite hectic. How is it going for you?

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