am i charged too much brokerage?


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hey all..Am a new comer to Trading.I have opened a Trading account with Indiabulls.

My daily volume of Trading is more than 2 Lac rupees..I'm charged at 5 paise for both BUY and SELL for Intraday and 30 paise for Delivery..Most of the days my profit earned get's wiped out by Brokerage.

I have heard people talking about 1 paise brokerage, 3 paise brokerage on one side etc...Am i paying too much?? Should i look to move to any other Brokerage firm?

Thanks in Advance.
there are other brokers which offer cheaper brokerage, it also depends on the plans one choose. e.g., religare r-ace pro, has classic account (same 5ps intraday, 0.50 delivery), freedom (1lakh free intraday, 10k free delivery, remaining 0.03 intraday, 0.30 delivery), trump super plan (intraday 0.015 intraday, 0.15 delivery).

you should find brokers who gives better plan than your current one.


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thanks friend!!
But is it possible to reduce the brokerage with the current broker itself? since i had to pay nearly 1650 rs to opening account with them...

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