Allahabad bank IPO


How about the allahabad bank ipo. is it really worth investing there. i had experts advicing that putting money there is really a better option.

So i really looking on for expert advice on this.
Well based on fundamentals it is a good long term buy provided the price bad does not exceed RS 90. Allotment thru IPO may be slim because it is a small issue. My best bet buy from the secondary market. Once the allotment is thru the price of the share will drop and can be picked up at a comfortable level.
Enjoy the ride


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Hi Experts,

Allahabad bank has fixed price band for IPO to be Rs.75-82. What are your views about the ipo. In secondary market it has already reached to level of Rs.92.50

Market rates will keep dwindling due to the volatile nature. But i think it is worth investing even if it is fixed at 82.
What are the chances of the Allahabad Bank prices dropping after the IPO? Especially since this already happened in PNB.

there are very high chances of this occuring. But given the future prospects in these banks, I expect the scrips to show substantial rise over a time frame of 1-2 years. I think profit booking will certainly make this share dip in the first week of trading especially on the first day, but after then it will rise slowly but surely.

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