All about commodities Trading


I have fair idea about the Stock Market but I don't know ABCDs of Commodity Market. How it works, whether any exchanges are there for trading on these, and is it profitable like Stocks. So, pls. guide me on this Commodity Market.

Thanking you,

Ravichandran Iyer
Hi Fednex

Little that I know of mentha during my last few weeks of observaton, its a highly volatile commodity. It recently went up to 543 and again was in a downtrend. Possibly you should be able to cover you short without loss or maybe even in profit. But a stop loss is desirable. However it appears to have more of a downside than shooting up. Place your stop at 540 regions.
It would be great if we can discuss more on future trading life cycle especially on hedging(strategy account) and how it can be related with physicals in depth.

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