Algorithmic Forex Trading

Hello everyone

I am a bit new to forex trading.
I started trading in this domain just a month back. Earlier I traded in stocks.
I have heard of an Algorithmic Forex Trading strategy to maximize profits. Could anyone tell me more about it?
I believe it takes the history of currency pair into consideration. I'd like to be guided as how to use it to get the best results!

Yes... people do Algo trading with forex... and mostly used for long term trends(i'm not saying you can't but mostly look for smooth trend )...and they firstly cut out noises from candles so use average bar mostly heiken ashi .... they smoothen it more n more would take time to implement compared to candlesticks because it's smoothen ... and they use renko price sensitive bar not time based indicator for entry n exit align with overbought n oversold conditions.... and algo cut position when candle change color...but they do advance level hedging also ...totally they grope all direction ... maybe some HFT do more advance... it's kinda hedge fund guys things won't be available for public...
Algorithmic trading has started to make its presence felt in the FX market and is expected to become adopted by many participants. However there is still much confusion about how algorithmic trading is defined and differs from traditional automated trading. Broadly speaking Algorithmic trading can be split into four areas:

Auto-hedging – where hedging orders are automatically generated according to a formula for dynamically managing risk levels.

Statistical trading – where orders are generated according to differentials in relative values or according to algorithms devised around macro portfolio models.

Liquidity Access – where a trading solution has been designed to improve access to multiple trading venues.

Algorithmic execution – where trading styles are automated to control and finesse trade execution.

But I stick to automated trading which provides me good result with Greenvault FX .

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