Algo Trading with Quantitative Forecast (Buy-Sell Signals)

I Got curious and went to the tweeter feed. No realtime post All Eod post Anyone can give. And as per my Understanding what ever can be coded in python can be codded in afl.

And I think all are mostly Retail traders here even most of the people don't use good accurate and fast data feeds and also have at most 20 stocks watchlist and may be 5 open positions at times.
Take small steps and learn with simple intelligence and when you have more than 1 crore portfolio then go for a Nse certified algo trading platform vendors. Till that time don't waste your money.
Lost everything in stock market with so called 'Sureshot' Market Tips providers?

You are not alone. Almost every trader has undergone such painful experiences at some point of time. Think logically, if some advisory really knows how to make profit then they will not invest their valuable time in 'others' as they would be busy with their own earnings! Simple.

So who are these guys providing free/paid tips to the people?
  • Sub-brokers who want to attract traders and investors to increase his brokerage commission.
  • Financial college graduates considering themselves as Super Tips Providers, often claiming to know the market better than them-selves!
  • Newbie traders who leverage themselves as 'Market Predictors' after their 4-5 success.
Beware of traps. Stop believing in fake advisory calls.
How to confirm that you are not one of those Analytics College graduates who just attended some courses online on Python and machine learning and now claim that your models know the market better than them-selves?
or if you are a newbie Analytics guy who just made some python/R models that overfit and worked well on the historical data?

Please excuse my sarcasm. I generally don't do this but couldn't stop myself.

Disclaimer: I'm not a tipster or claim to be anything close to be an expert.
I also had enough of this post. No offence meant to anyone but I can't bear anymore. TThanks everyone for providing such a wonderful platform.

LOL. It seems this guy only wanted a platform to advertise his product. He thinks those gullible traders/investors who were blindly taking tips from others will now blindly start believing in his algorithm. He wanted to sell his product but he was not open to criticism and questions. He just wanted us to blindly follow his system. All the questions were genuine. A buyer/subscriber has right to know what is unique about the product you are trying to sell. What's its edge over normal technical analysis done in Amibroker? Just using some fancy terms is not enough.
Haha, just went through the whole thread. I had subscribed to their reco/tips services. (Quadmatics) They're horrible to say the least. They have extremely deceptive practices like most tipsters. Firstly its very hard to get fills at the prices they suggest. Prices would've far left the zone by the time we get their message. Secondly, they don't mention a target or SL, they just quote "based on your risk appetite". Hence at the end of the day, if trade goes in your favour before reversing, they pick the highest/lowest point of the day and consider it their exit. :D And if the trade goes completely against since the beginning, they always manage to exit at a minor loss. ;) So, to follow their tips successfully, gotta be prepared to hold till -3% to get a 0.5% gain (if you're lucky that is) or risk blowing up your account. Definitely not someone who trade their own money.

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