Ahoy! there

Long time no verse my poetic friend,
Now that's a rather disturbing trend;
With stocks & shares the world does'nt end,
So, out of your chair & don't pretend.

You, yes you I am referring to,
This is what I want you to do;
Just whip out your pen & let's have a slew
again of your verses, perhaps something new. :)


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As usual my friend your verse is charming
How I wish I were equally good at mkt timing
The way I am at rhyming
The indicators set my mind roaming
This really requires good grooming
If someone could ensure faster blossoming
That would be really heartwarming
Then in addition to poetry I would be softly humming
or go wild drumming
TA would instead of harming
like your poetry be equally welcoming
It's a privilege likewise for me to be here,
in this exalted forum of wizards and peers.
No names will I take 'coz they're all too dear;
Of a better bunch of fellows you'll hardly ever hear. :)


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I wish i could write real poetry like you. Mine is more like prose in poetry but then unlike TA, here everybody cannot follow the same trend. So here goes:-

You and traderji are talking of privilege
If only we had practical TA knowledge
Like pros, we too would be able to trade and hedge
Our bullish performance would then not be affected by patterns like the rising wedge
Instead of frequent bearish resembling snow mountain descents on a sledge
One can only wish for such an edge
For TA without practical training is a sacrilege
Though fortunately internet is there to dredge
Everybody should take a pledge
To follow Creditviolets sharing of knowledge
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