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Has anyone figured out how the MOB in Aget is calculated and is that possible to calculate on data outside of Aget ...say in Metastock or other TA software's. Is the formula available?

Dear Srichakra,
MOB is exclusively design for AdGet by his founder TJ - Tom joseph.
It is generated after lot of complex calculation made by software.
As per my knowladge is concern. Mob is not available in any other software.


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can anyone help me to setup RT version of advget
@umesh It is fairly expensive endeavor AFAIK.


AGET MOB (make or break) is based on Elliot Wave Counting, Fibonacci and % of Pivot. Replicating the Fibonacci portion of off a Pivot is done in following code.

It is subjective and meant to gauge the likely support/Resistances in future. Documentation on it is not that great for someone who does not know the terms...

_SECTION_BEGIN("MOB Simulation");

	_N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, High %g, Low %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) {{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) ));

	//Plot Colored Candles  :)
	PlotOHLC(O ,H ,L ,C ,"Price",IIf(C>O,colorGreen,colorRed),styleCandle);

	Offset = 5; //Recommended to use two sheets: one with 5 and another with 7, or maybe other offset value

	Avgmov = Offset * MA (abs(ROC(C,1)) ,20);
	per = LastValue(Avgmov) ;
	numberOfBars = Cum(1);
	Range = 0.01;
	PS = TroughBars(L, per, 1) == 0;
	Title = Title + StrFormat("AVGMOV %g|%g|%g\n", Avgmov,per, numberOfBars);

	xa = LastValue(ValueWhen (PS,numberOfBars,1)) ;//x from last trough
	Ya = LastValue(ValueWhen (PS,L,1)) ;//y (Low) last trough

	PR = PeakBars(H,per, 1) == 0;
	xb = LastValue(ValueWhen (PR,numberOfBars,1)) ;//x from last peak
	Yb = LastValue(ValueWhen (PR,H,1)) ;//y (High) last peak
	Title = Title + StrFormat("PS %g|%g|%g|%g|%g|%g", PS,xa,ya,PR,xb,yb);

	Trough_ReTest = abs((L/ya)-1) <Range;
	Peak_ReTest = abs((H/yb)-1) <Range;
	Trough_Cross = Cross(ya,C);
	Peak_Cross = Cross(C,yb);

	//UP = upSwing DN = downSwing
	UP = xb>xa;//upSwing
	DN = xa>xb;//DownSwing
	RT23_6 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.236, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.236,-1e10) );
	RT38_2 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.382, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.382,-1e10) );
	RT50_0 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.500, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.500,-1e10) );
	RT61_8 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.618, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.618,-1e10) );
	RT78_6 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*0.786, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*0.786,-1e10) );

	RT12_7 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*1.27, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*1.27,-1e10) );
	RT16_1 = IIf(UP,yb-(yb- ya)*1.61, IIf(DN,ya+ (yb-ya)*1.61,-1e10) );

	IIf(UP,-100* (yb-L)/(yb- ya),
	100*(H-ya)/( yb-ya));//Retracement_ Value
	InZone = C<yb & C>ya;//use it for filter to receive only signals that are in in the Retracement zone.
	Buy = Trough_ReTest OR peak_Cross;
	Sell = Peak_ReTest OR trough_Cross;
	Filter = 1;
	AddColumn(RT, "RT%");
	AddColumn(Trough_ReTest,"TR- Test",1.0) ;
	AddColumn(Peak_ReTest,"PK-Test",1.0) ;
	//AddColumn(CdDoji( )OR CHammer(),"Candle" ,1.0);
	//Plot(C,"C",1, 64);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>xa, ya,-1e10) ,"Bottom" ,colorBrown, 1+8);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>xb, yb,-1e10) ,"Top",colorBrown,1+8);
	xab = IIf(xb>xa,xb, xa);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT23_6,-1e10), "R2 23.6% Retr.",5,styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT38_2,-1e10), "R1 38.2% Retr.",5,styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT50_0,-1e10), "ZR 50.0% Retr.",colorBlue, styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT61_8,-1e10), "S1 61.8% Retr.",colorDarkRed, styleLine | styleNoTitle | styleDots);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT78_6,-1e10), "S2 78.6% Retr.",colorDarkRed, styleLine | styleNoTitle |styleDots);

	// Plot the MOB Cloud
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT12_7,-1e10), "127% ext.",colorBrightGreen, styleNoTitle | styleNoLabel | styleLine);
	Plot(IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT16_1,-1e10), "161% ext.",colorBrightGreen, styleNoTitle | styleNoLabel | styleLine);
	CondA=IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT12_7,-1e10);
	CondB=IIf(numberOfBars>= xab+1,RT16_1,-1e10);
	PlotOHLC(Condb,Condb,Conda,Conda,"",ColorRGB(30,130,30),styleCloud, styleNoTitle | styleNoLabel);

	GraphXSpace = 0.5;

	//GraphXSpace = 1.5;
	//Title = Name()+" per = "+WriteVal(per, 1.0) +" Close = "+WriteVal(C, 1.2)+ " ("+WriteVal( ROC(C,1), 1.2)+"%)" +" Current Correction = "+WriteVal(RT, 1.0)+"%";

	//Plot( Volume,"V", ParamColor("Color", colorBlueGrey ), ParamStyle( "Style", stylehidden| styleOwnScale | styleThick, maskHistogram  ), 2 );
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Naah , this afl is not even close to MOB levels.
well ... I know its different. This is only replicating the Fibonacci part and from what I've understood Ad Get has few other things.

Can you tell me what difference you've noticed.


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here one of the guys , collecting afl, and selling through his site

kindly aware of that intelligent guy

Who are you referring to? Aman or me?

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