AFL for Backtesting for strategy

I want an AFL for the beck testing purpose. here but and sell are based on the Daily Pivot Points.

Buy = PP + (R1-PP) * 0.25
Sell = PP + (PP-S1) * 0.25
Buy = R1 + (R2-R1) * 0.25
Sell = R1 - (R2-R1) * 0.25
Buy = S1 + (S1-S2) * 0.25
Sell = S1 - (S1-S2) * 0.25

There Buy and Sell will also act as StopLoss for eachother.

Now for each trade I dont want the stoploss to be more tha 500. So the qunatity should be limit to depending on the Stoploss.

Qunatity = 500/(buy-sell).

Can it be Possible?

Thanks in advance..

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