Afl coding for turbotrader-needed


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Hi friends
Turbotrader uses just 2 moving averages (say like MA200 and MA20) and
long stoploss green line & short stoploss redline,below or above price.
It uses stochasticRSI in lower pane,which helps separate oversold & overbought areas.

Long Trade Rule is take only long trades if price is above long MA -light blue line and only if price has green stopline below it. exit long trade as soon as green line disappears and a red stoploss line appears above price.
Longtrade sequence is 1)price candles are above Light Blue line 2) Green stoploss line is below the price and 3)StochRSI has taken a u turn from below 25 to above 25 line--way to go long

A u turn from below to above 25 line on stockrsi gives buy signal.
A u turn from above to below of 75 line on stockrsi gives sell signal.
is sequence of 1) candlesticks are below the light blue line(slow ma) 2) sell stoploss red line is above price and 3)stochRSI is taken a inverted u from above to below 75 line--way to go

hope somebody can code the price chart part in afl.They can post code for greenline and redline stoploss and code for stochRSI
Actualy the system is currently given free to MT4 users.

here is link for youtube video

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