afl code - highest and second highest close between two dates

You are an idiot. AFAICS I have posted that function already but only for amibrokerforum. I am not posting for this forum here.

Come up with something on your own. If not then put reference to it.

BTW I know who you are, q...tb.y
Your name is saved in my memory now.

Are you AmiBroker member? If not then better shut up and keep your nonsense for yourself.
As for the codes. They are posted on a free internet site. They are not stolen, they are not sold, they are not misrepresented as my brilliant work. I made a small modification to the code and I don't mind posting here to help this user. There are many internet sites that post useful codes this way. So I will continue to use codes I find that may help solve other users problems. I didn't even have to register at that site to read the posts and look at the codes so who's fault it that?
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Hello all,

I am looking for afl which can plot a pivot between 2 given dates, the dates will generally remain 15 days and selected through "Param" for eg 1-1-2018 to 15-1-2018(calendar days ) and the pivot to be should be OHLC/4. I should be able to use this in any Time Frame.
Thanks guys

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