Aegis Logistics!!

vizzie said:

Looks set for a nice move if markets remain ok.
seniors, ur views on the script.

Hi Vizzie,

Stay away from this stock for of now,could make a move either way.Keep it on your watchlist.If we can take out the 187 area,maybe worth a re-look.If this stays in this area,looking more and more like a H&S pattern......which becomes obvious only on a crack of 160.

So basically,can go either way from stand aside ,watch for now.Don't guess a direction........the opposite direction could hurt you bad.

Careful during these times!!

All the best!
bhuwanpatel said:
Hi Saint,
Hope you are doing good.
Just a quick question. What do you think about this stock now?

Hi Bhuwan,

Nice orderly pullback before blast off,if we had caught this one a few days ago,nice play...........for now too extended on the up to enter.Wait for a p/b to enter.

All the best!
Happy Trading!

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