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Another downside of using zerodha. back office never works properly. Whenever I complain they say they are getting it fixed. My cash balance shows incorrectly in console. Its more then 2 months. Seems like they have stopped caring.


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I am hearing some big boys say nothing is free, they sort to other means to earn. Can anyone throw more light on the same? Does it effect us as small traders?
Greetings everyone,

I have been a long time investor via mutual funds. Now I'm going to venture into direct equities and have been researching discount brokers for a while now. Given the lack of track record, platform stability issues and general mistrust, I've no other option but to go with Interactive brokers rather than anyone else in the field because they meet all my criteria.

My query is they have Cash Margin account only and , me being a newbie to the world of equities, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to buy and hold stocks (like for 5 years and beyond) using that account. So, I enquired with their customer care and they confirmed the account can be used for buy and hold type of investment rather than just trading.

Can fellow investors enlighten me if this is indeed true?

Appreciate your help in advance.


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After all the comparisons , i am decided to go with tradesmartonline. I need a non hanging platform. Low brokerage, strong margin, good support , easy payouts, and co order for bank nifty monthly options.
Trade smart has it all covered. Any final suggestions for traderji pros ? May I go with the choice ? Or am I missing something ? Pls help.

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