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dear friends
please download the following software to know the option pricing and implied volatility
you can download free option analysis tool from
i have used these tools( yet to make a decent profit).


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I recommend OptionsOracle ( Its a free software for stock options analysis that also support NSE options. good software. :)
Dear Sir,

I have downloaded this software but plz tell me how do i start with this software...i m a new perosn and want to trade in nifty options...plz tell me how do i get the historical data for this good software. .. thanks for you post:)
It gives me "symbol not found error".
I don,t know how to update for NSE options data.
Any help ?.

First start the oracle software then click the option config (left dowside) then select dynamic server nse india 1 from online servers and select stock exchange selection then click save, after that enter first 3 letters of the nse stock on the top of left side in symbol press enter or click update.

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